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Book Review: Hand lettering for Relaxation

Hand Lettering for Relaxation book review.

Hi there creative friend!

As you know, I started my true hand lettering journey a little while ago. Having had my second burn out, I went on a big search looking for something that would soothe my nerves. That is when I stumbled upon hand lettering.

In the past I have written two other book reviews. If you to learn even more and find new fun inspiration, be sure to check them out too! You can read about what I thought of Botanical Line Drawing and a dutch book about Calligraphy; Letters!

Not been having the time to really dig deep into that vast hand lettering world, I try to pick up stuff here and there. Buying books to work from works so well for me. I can do that on my own time, in between changing nappies, hushing fights, fixing food, cleaning up the house and rescuing children out of the curtains.

I must say that I do really see a change of when I first started out with this hobby to what it is today. Still not “there”, but I will get “there” when the time is right! Practice, practice, practice right?


Instagram is next to Pinterest such a great way to collect inspiration and how to’s. Having been a follower of Amy Latta for some time now, I truly adore her work. It took me further to her website which shows just how creative Amy is. She shares wonderful hand lettering ideas as well as fun DIY projects. Totally worth checking out!

A little while ago, I saw this book coming by on Amy’s Instagram account and went straight to see if it was available in the Netherlands. It is her first published book! After a wait of two weeks, the book finally landed on my doorstep. It was instant love. What a great book Amy has put together!

The book

Living pretty isolated from big cities, I always miss out on workshops I want to attend, due to travelling distances and time. This book makes attending workshops unnecessary. It is actually built up as a collection of 46 step to step workshops! Starting from the very beginning of hand lettering and building it up in a incredible smartly fashion to the more advanced aspects of hand lettering.

In this review, I will show you a few of the many workshops.

Hand lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta. Www.bysasdesigns.com #oneartsymama, #bookreview, #handlettering, #relaxation, #illustrations, #workshop, #book, #bysasdesigns
Don’t your fingers start to itch to get a pencil out just by looking at the cover of this book?

Workshop one.

As I stated above, the book starts at the very beginning of hand lettering. Amy gives a bunch of useful information that gives yourself a boost to start out with her workshops. The book is written in a personal matter making it very appealing in the way that it feels as if Amy is talking straight to the reader.

The buildup of her written workshops are easy to follow due to her examples which she provides in her book.

Faux Calligraphy workshop out of the book Hand lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta. Www.bysasdesigns.com #oneartsymama, #bookreview, #handlettering, #relaxation, #illustrations, #workshop, #book, #bysasdesigns, #fauxcalligraphy, #calligraphy

Practice pages.

At the end of each workshop, Amy has put in an entire practice page. I love how she spiffed up her book with her designs, making it interesting to read and look at. Just look at these beautiful corners! I think it needs a bit of color though.

All practice pages comes with its own design. Amy really put in an endless effort making this book look as much fun as possible.

After each workshop, there is a pretty workspace layout where you can practise, out of the book Hand lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta. Www.bysasdesigns.com #oneartsymama, #bookreview, #handlettering, #relaxation, #illustrations, #workshop, #book, #bysasdesigns



Amy is a true monogram lover and devotes a whole workshop explaining the many ways of how you can use and make your own monograms. She says that the uses of a monogram are endless and that she can’t cover them all. I believe her! In this workshop she touches down on the basic principles of monograms, where to start and how to make it your own.

Monogram workshop out of the book Hand lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta. Www.bysasdesigns.com #oneartsymama, #bookreview, #handlettering, #relaxation, #illustrations, #workshop, #book, #bysasdesigns, #monograms

Monograms out of the book Hand lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta. Www.bysasdesigns.com #oneartsymama, #bookreview, #handlettering, #relaxation, #illustrations, #workshop, #book, #bysasdesigns, #monograms


A touch of almost everything hand lettering related.

As I stated before, her entire book is made up of workshops. Touching down on almost anything hand lettering related. She even talks about the importance of correctly placed serifs, flourishing, banners and borders. Not to talk about how to bring shadows to your work, illustrations and embossing.

Serif workshop out of the book Hand lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta. Www.bysasdesigns.com #oneartsymama, #bookreview, #handlettering, #relaxation, #illustrations, #workshop, #book, #bysasdesigns, #serif


Hand lettering is so much more than only drawing letters.

This is something Amy really touches down on in this book. She has written workshops in her book about ligatures (whenever you join two or more characters together in a way they wouldn’t normally be combined), how to use negative space and how to embellish drop caps. As well as a workshop which I hope I will be completing within very short time; how to blend colors. I see so many beautiful art pieces coming by on Instagram of the very many different uses of blending colors. This really makes your piece pop out!


Workshop blending colors out of the book Hand lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta. Www.bysasdesigns.com #oneartsymama, #bookreview, #handlettering, #relaxation, #illustrations, #workshop, #book, Bysasdesigns, #blending, #colors


Amy Latta (one artsy mama) has written a book full of workshops all related to hand lettering. It takes the reader on a journey through the basics of hand lettering to the more advanced aspects of hand lettering. She has included great examples for each workshop making the following of her workshops easy to do. She also spiffed up her book with fun and cute designs, showing off just how artsy and creative she is.

I am still learning tons out of her book. She touches down on almost anything and giving just enough information for a beginning hand letterer to understand why the chapters she has included in her book are fundamental for making a hand lettered piece that comes together both artistically as well as practical.

In her book she goes beyond the basics of hand lettering, such as banners and borders and how to comply faux calligraphy to how to make embellishments to embossing and finally how to digitize your work.

I love this book and I would recommend it to everybody working with hand lettering or doing hand lettering as a hobby. I feel it is a almost complete book of what hand lettering and its possibilities are all about. Touching down on so many different hand lettered related topics making me want to learn more. The things that truly fascinate me, I will then read up about on Google.

At a price of around 20 dollars (around 20 euros) it is totally worth checking it out.

I hope you will have as much fun working from this book as I do.






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