A DIY card that I made for my very dear friend as a thank you for all the wonderful tea conversations www.bysasdesigns.com #drawing #handlettering #moderncalligraphy #DIYcard #DIY #card #teacup #flower
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DIY card for my tea-loving friend

DIY card for my tea-loving friend.

Dear friends are so valuable! I do not have a lot of friends but the ones I have, I know they are true friends. So sometimes I like to make something for my friends and family. Something that is personal and can not be bought in a store. I so hear my mother’s voice in the back of my head exclaiming how she LOVES home-made gifts. But she is right you know. Something that has been thought about and made by a friend or relative is so much more valuable than something everybody can buy in a store. So with this in mind, I wanted to make a DIY card for my tea-loving friend.


Growing up on the country side with not many children to play with, I realized as an adult that making social connections are a bit hard for me. Although I do count myself as pretty friendly (although I often speak before I think), I often find myself as that girl standing in the corner watching people at parties. I love to watch other people’s interactions and often philosophize  about their behaviour. Wondering about their personal lives. Now that I type this, I sound a bit creepy, but trust me, I am not! (Well maybe sometimes.) I am more of a over-thinker. As we say here in the Netherlands, I watch the cat out of the trees. This is a saying as for someone who is a bit shy and first take a peek to see what kind of people are at a party before hitting the conversation bar.

So enough about that! Here in Holland I have a very dear friend with whom, as the title already spoiled, I love to drink tea with. When we get together, our monsters turn to destroying our houses while we sip our teas and discus absolutely everything. Seeing as how we both are women, the occasional gossip happen to leave our lips. *Gasp*  To show my friend the appreciation which I feel for our friendship, I decided to make her a DIY card which basically puts everything in a nut shell. A DIY card for a tea-loving friend.

I hope you like it!

A DIY card that I made for my very dear friend as a thank you for all the wonderful tea conversations #drawing #handlettering #moderncalligraphy #DIYcard #DIY #card #teacup #flower


Xx – Sas


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