A coffee mug I designed for my hubby using a thought up quote, hand lettering and Edding markers. www.bysasdesigns.com #handlettering, #lettering, #design, #coffeemug, #bysasdesigns, #quote, #beerquote, #beerbrewer
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DIY coffee mugs lettering

DIY coffee mugs lettering

When searching Pinterest I see all these wonderful coffee mugs coming by. Coffee mugs with upbeat quotes which puts a smile on my face just by seeing them. How great would it be to wake up, go downstairs and set yourself a cup of coffee in a mug that you have designed yourself? With that one text on it that puts a smile on your face? What a way to start out the day!

Now what?

So now you got this great idea of a quote you really love but now what? How do you put that quote on a mug? Well, there are quite many roads leading to Rome, or in this case, to transforming your mug.

One of these ways is by finding a quote online and printing it out on waterslide transfer paper.

First spray your design in with U/V sealant spray. This is to enhance the durability of the design on the coffee mug. When it is dry, you cut the image out and put the cut out image in lukewarm water for about 30 seconds. Slide the design off the paper and put it unto the mug. With a hairdryer, dry the design upon your coffee mug then put the mug in a 300°F (150°C) for 30 minutes and VOILA! You have a pretty nice custom coffee mug!

Second way to do this is by using markers designed for porcelain surfaces. I recommend Edding porcelain markers. They come in packages of a wild variety of colors and draw real easy on the chosen surface. When you are done with drawing your design on the mug, bake the mug in a 320°F (160°C) for about 25 minutes. When the 25 minutes have passed, just turn off the oven and let the coffee mugs cool off inside the oven. Easy-breezy!

Doing it the hard way

As always, Sas has to choose the hard way. (Did you already notice I do this a lot?) As I told you in the previous post about managing overflowing ideas, I gave you a sneak peak that I wanted to try out some lettering on coffee mugs. For a while I have been walking around with a quote I wanted to make for my dear hubby, the beer brewer. I came up with the idea while sitting in the car driving to my dear parents in law. After seeing this quote around, it being, “But first Champagne. I mean coffee, it’s Monday,” I thought this quote to be really funny and can sum up a persons party weekend pretty good but the quote missed the right word. That’s when I implemented the correct word, that being;


A coffee mug I designed for my hubby using a thought up quote, hand lettering and Edding markers. www.bysasdesigns.com #handlettering, #lettering, #design, #coffeemug, #bysasdesigns, #quote, #beerquote, #beerbrewer


Detesting alarm clocks

I wanted a coffee mug for myself, which would be MY coffee mug. (You coffee fanatical mothers out there know what I mean, don’t you?) But how would I like that mug to look like? What resembles Sas early in the morning, before having her first cup of coffee? I think a early in the morning type of Sas looks like a half sleeping hairy mess, wishing I could just crawl back into bed and keep on sleeping. But! As a mother, that’s NOT possible! At least not now when the children are still young. So up I go to get my little monsters ready for yet another day! This mug resembles me I think. Only is Monday every day.



A coffee mug I designed using hand lettering and Edding markers. www.bysasdesigns.com #monday, #handlettering, #lettering, #design, #coffeemug, #bysasdesigns


More mugs!

Making these two mug designs, my 7 year old daughter got so excited. She off course had to have one too! So I asked her, what do you want on your coffee (make that thee please!) mug? “I want my name”, she replied. “Written in those pretty swirly twirly letters you make mommy!” I hope she understand what she is asking! For someone just starting out with these swirly twirly letters, putting them on a round mug is like asking me to climb Kilimanjaro or feed the lions at the zoo or even worse, hold a spider! *Gloep!* (Never in my life! Not even if you pay me 1, 000.000 dollars!) But all right. I did tell you before I like challenges so I told my daughter, whose name is Leonie, GAME ON! It actually took me less tries getting this to my satisfaction than it was designing my hubby’s mug. As thanks for me making her own thee mug, she wanted to stand mug-model. I realized after taking the photos that I should probably have told her to go clean her hands properly. By the time I found out how horrifying dirty her nails are, she did not want to corporate anymore…typical children!



A coffee mug I designed for my youngest daughter using hand lettering and Edding markers. www.bysasdesigns.com #handlettering, #lettering, #design, #coffeemug, #bysasdesigns, #daughter


So these were my designed mugs. I still have three left and three dear people who resides in this household but who do not yet have their own mugs. Still got to figure out what to do with their mugs! As for which of the two ways I choose to do, I went with the more difficult choice. by doing it all by hand. (The second way). I hope you all enjoyed my revealing and that you are inspired to make your own mugs!

Xx – Sas





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