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New fun ideas for DIY father’s day gift labels

DIY Father’s day gift labels.

With another 12 days left to father’s day, I know most dad’s around the world (except for the few countries who do not celebrate it off course) are anxious waiting for their pamper day! When I look at the father of my children, I can tell the anticipation of what the little ones are going to make for him and how we will spoil him all day long is really killing him. Off course I already have made TONS of plans with my little children. Plans which he does not know anything about and I hope the little ones can keep their mouths shut! Secretly I hope he will read this post so his anticipation levels will raise a few notches (if that’s even possible!) So with the tune of father’s day playing in the back of my head, I made some DIY Father’s day gift labels.

DIY gift labels

In one of my very first posts, I wrote about how you could use the left over carton from the gift wrapping paper to convert it into gift labels. This way you get free labels which YOU made by yourself! How awesome is it to be able to give gifts with a personal gift label attached to it? I’d say; win-win big time! If you want to read about how to make this awesome looking cheap DIY gift labels, take a look HERE!

Father’s day.

To go back to the topic at hand, father’s day is around the corner. A day with breakfast on bed. I probably won’t do Croissants like my dear hubby out of all the love in his heart did for mother’s day. (I still found crumbles one month later underneath the mattress…) A day to just spend together and do fun stuff as a family. A day to just relax and be together. To spoil the hubby a bit because he so deserves it! Ah! I almost told you what we are going to do! I am sooo bad at keeping fun secrets!

So in the trend of this topic, I made a fun gift tag for my Star Wars fan (a.k.a. my hubby). And while making it, I thought; heck! I have so many unused gift labels still sitting in the jar! I will make a few more. Maybe one of my children want to use it for their gifts. I do however hope they will make their own.

The labels

In my jar which I got from IKEA and I am so happy with, I save my gift labels for when there are gifts to be given and I can make a gift label for the receiver of the gift. Isn’t there anything more fun than to give gifts? Really!?! I love surprising people with gifts they did not put on their wishlists but still fits them like a glove on a hand. Yeah, sometimes I fail harshly with the gifts but in overall people do like what I get for them! Or they are just lying…

For some inspiration, I turned to Pinterest. I can not say it enough but man do I love to snoop around on there! Seeing all those creative minds at work is just, well, mind blowing! I feel so grateful towards all those people around the world. They are so unselfish sharing all their hard work for other people to turn to for inspiration! I picked up a few ideas of how to finish my gift labels. I know in my first post about the gift labels, I did not do much arty stuff to them. This was also in consideration of  the fact that it is a tutorial.

I hope people will get inspired and post their labels so I can see how they used this gift label idea!

DIY Father's day gift labels. Real fun and cool project! #diy #giftlabels #gifttags #diygifttags #pretty #fabulous #blog #blogger #fathersday #bysasdesigns #tutorial

Real fun and cool gift labels for Father's day! #diy #giftlabels #gifttags #diygifttags #pretty #fabulous #blog #blogger #fathersday #bysasdesigns #tutorial #starwars #superman #star #rock #scissors #staedtler



If you do post pictures of your gift labels made by my idea, would you like to hashtag bysasdesigns then so I can admire them too? I am so curious to see!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and to see you soon all back here.

Xx – Sas



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