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DIY tutorials

DIY gift labels

DIY gift labels

My daughter is turning 7 this week. I was wrapping her gifts and ran out of gift wrapping paper and suddenly I was left with this beautiful piece of brown paper. It is so smooth looking but still a bit rough to the feel. I thought to myself, what a waste to throw this in the paper recycle bin! (Normally I always recycle the carton roll… So you do not think that I have never wrapped gifts before.) I can do so many beautiful things with this paper, like turning it into a gift label! Having another two birthdays coming up, I wanted to create a handmade gift tag that I could use for upcoming gift wrappings.

In this tutorial I would love to show you how I did this and if you would like to have a free printable of this label, please give me a shout in the comments and I will fix that for you!

So what do you need?

  • These are the supplies I have used for this DIY project. Off course you can go by with whatever you have at home or love to use!Tools used for making DIY gift tags #diygifttag #diy #tools #micronpens #wrappingpaper


  •  Fold the carton down the middle to get the width that you want the gift label to be at. Then cut down the line.


Fold the carton down the middle #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabel    Then cut down the line #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabel

Now we can draw lines!

  •      Draw the width of the gift tags. I just used a ruler width for these gift tags (about 5 cm wide)


Drawing the gift tags #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabel

  •  Now draw the, what I call, support lines. These are lines that you draw to make the loop nice and even. Here I draw the “shoulders” of the gift tag.

Drawing support lines #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabel

  • Draw the second support line lining up exactly the middle of the width of the gift label. This is to know where the top of the loop will make its rounding.

Drawing second support line #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabel

  •  The outlines of the gift tag are done and if everything has gone right, the “roof” of the loop will now have an even symmetrical rounding. Start cutting the shoulders and roof. (Ignore the support lines.)

Now the outlines of the gift tag are done #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabel

 Start erasing those lines!

Erase the support lines #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabel

  • When cutting or punching the hole in the loop, I used a hole puncher (I think it is originally made to make holes in belts but I always use it on paper.) You can however use whatever you like! Keep in mind that the paper probably isn’t very strong and can tear easily. (Mine sure did the first time I punched a hole too close to the edge!)

Punching a hole in the gift tag #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabelGift tag #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabel

  •  Now your gift label is ready for the text! Make it as pretty as you like. For this DIY tutorial, I kept it pretty basic with just the names of the people the gifts are for. Hope you had as much fun as I did and if you have questions or suggestions, please leave a comment! And good luck!

Gift tag all done #gift tag #diy #diygiftlabel

Present with DIY gift tag. Fabulous! #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabel

I used up all of the roll of carton and as a result have a nice jar filled with gift labels waiting to be prettied up and given to happy people. There is honestly nothing better than giving something you have made yourself! Fabulous!

Jar filled with gift tags #diygifttag #diy #diygiftlabel #jar #labels

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