First try on an illustration of an lighthouse with the quote Lights will guide you the way home. #quote #lighthouse #handdrawn #illustration #drawing #boats #lights #firsttry
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Lights will guide you the way home

Lights will guide you the way home

When I lived in America, we would sometimes take the car and drive to the very east point of Long Island, to a place called Montauk. At the very end of Long Island, actually the end of America now that I think of it, there stands a lighthouse. A beautiful old lighthouse serving now as a historic landmark and a museum. It was built in 1796 and served (and still does) as a light beacon to direct ships the right way. It looks so majestic standing there on its cliff, playing such a crucial role in maritime lives. I guess my fascination with this structure is basically formed upon lovely child hood memories.

I have been thinking about this quote for quite some time now. Thinking of how I can put it in an illustration and today I took the leap and started sketching.

Lighthouse Schiermonnikoog

Here we got a few islands with lighthouses. Some summers ago, my hubby and I took a boat trip to Schiermonnikoog. We rented bicycles and went biking for the whole day across the island. We spent a few hours sitting on the beach and watched kite surfers catch the wind, looking as if they were going to take off into the sky.

On Schiermonnikoog there are two lighthouses. Both built in 1853 to serve as beacons. When their lights crossed, the sailors would know where the sandbank between the Wadden Sea and the North Sea was and they could safely sail on.

Sitting next to the lighthouse, I tried to imagine how it must have been for the keepers battling keeping the light going when there was a storm roaming across the open sea. This lighthouse is still being used today but I guess with all the advanced technologies, the battle will not be the same as it was a mere 300 years ago.


Look at this beautiful red lighthouse! So important and yet so astounding #Lighthouse #Schiermonnikoog #summer


So having said that and giving you all a bit of yet another history lesson. (I hope you aren’t getting bored of me yet!) I have been going around for some time with the idea of wanting to draw a lighthouse. Fact is, I have never done that before. But as this is a journey, there will be many more first timers.

First try on an illustration of an lighthouse with the quote Lights will guide you the way home. #quote #lighthouse #handdrawn #illustration #drawing #boats #lights #firsttry


Xx- Sas


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  2. Yvonne Gundersen

    ,very beautiful honey. Both the story and your drawing. Super proud of you. Mom

    1. Haha Thank you mom :p

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