As a silent reminder for someone who always thinks too difficult, I drew this well fitted quote. #quote, #moderncalligraphy, #calligraphy, #fudenosuke, #reinvent, #wheel, #handlettering, #lettering

Manage ideas in overflow the right way!

Manage ideas in overflow the right way!

Hi my dear creative friend. Last couple of weeks I have been very hard teaching myself how to start (and maintain) a blog. Now I feel that I got everything pretty much under control except for the regular posting bit. That needs some practice! But with all that brain space that has been left open, the ideas start to pour in. There are literally so many ideas that I start to get a bit panicked. Where do I get the time to do all these ideas? How do I manage ideas in overflow the right way?


There are so many things out there that I want to learn and know more about. A few examples are Calligraphy, hand lettering, typography, lettering and drawing. I have been taking a small toe dipping into each category and find them all just enchanting. I have been practicing my hand lettering a bunch. Participating in a lettering challenge as you can see on my Instagram and observing letters written on cars, buildings, books, you name it. I have been following courses on Skillshare and on Udemy. Still learning by the way! I really truly believe that a person is never fully taught and can learn whatever his or her heart desires.

No need to reinvent the wheel

I do not know if you can relate but I always think too difficult.  And then when I come to the solution, I often find myself dumbfounded thinking; “huh? Was it really that easy?” Is this something that comes with being an creative mind? So to prevent myself from doing this (overthinking and thinking too difficult), I made a practice quote which came out pretty nice! I will put it on my quote wall as a silent reminder when I need to manage ideas in overflow the right way! (Can you spot the treble clef?)

As a silent reminder for someone who always thinks too difficult, I drew this well fitted quote. #bysasdesigns, #quote, #moderncalligraphy, #calligraphy, #fudenosuke, #reinvent, #wheel, #handlettering, #lettering


Loving DIY projects, I have been thinking of what to make that I would like to share with you, my dear reader. One of those projects has something to do with coffee mugs and markers. Tamtamtaaaaaam what could this be? I want to make a coffee cup for each household member here just because it is possible :). I hope you will come back soon to read about how that went! Maybe you will pick up some own ideas and thinking hey! That looks real cool! I want to do it too!

Another project includes yet again markers but it’s more of a fabric kind of project. Since the beginning of this year, the Netherlands have taken on the environment quite serious. I love it cause environment is KEY! Anyway. By doing this, they kind of scrapped plastic bags out of all the stores making plastic waste so much less. You can still buy plastic bags in the store but they have become quite expensive and it is easier to just bring your own. I have been playing around with the idea to design my own shopping bags for a while. I took the plunge and I have ordered bags and markers and received them yesterday. Yay! I am sorry for my dear family who will soon walk around with my bags but hey! I need some test bunnies!

Coffee mugs waiting with smart on their quote or other lettering! #coffeemugs, #Edding, #porcelainsmarkers #bysasdesignsBlank canvas bags waiting to get pimped up for the summer! Check it out at #bysasdesigns, #blank, #canvasbag, #pimping, #Edding, #markers, #fabrikmarkers, #fun, #project


So how to manage all these ideas?

While having a household to run and little monsters to raise AND working AND blogging? I take on my dear friend, the BulletJournal. If you like to see what a BulletJournal is all about, you can take a peek at my post right HERE. It really helps me keeping my brain organized. This is how my week looks like til now. Excuse my terrible hand writing! The way to keep a busy mind organized thanks to my BulletJournal. #bulletjournal, #busy, #organised, #terriblehandwriting

I think I will start making a time bar to see how much time I actually spend on each category. As you can see, even being well planned and all does not give the guarantee that you will have time for everything. Now that I have the blog all set up thanks to The Blog Village which I posted about HERE, I have more time left over for the fun stuff; to actually share with you how my journey moves forward.

A bit of advice.

I do really advice you guys, with the question how to manage ideas in overflow the right way, to start jot a schedule down in your agenda for all the stuff you want to do. And when that day arrives that you actually get to work with your idea, ROCK IT! I know out of experience that the feeling of too many ideas and wanting to practice them all immediately (cause they are just too darned fun to let be!) it feels quite as if your brain is about to explode. By giving yourself a deadline, you will start to feel more relaxed and will then enjoy it so much more when that day finally arrives. So that is why I advice; jot your ideas down after you planned the day of execution and til that day arrives, hang low and do the other stuff that’s on your To-do list. You can do this!

Xx – Sas

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  1. You and I are on the same very exciting journey that looks like our bullet journal have enabled! After years of neglect, my creative side said ‘enough is enough’ and begged for attention. After finding the happiness there, I can never go back to the uninspired, dull life I had without it or my bullet journal. Love the post!

    1. How wonderful Tricia! Your reaction gives me goosebumps. The right kind! I am so happy you found your happiness. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and hopefully we can change ideas in the future! I sure am going to take a peek at your blog. Happy creating! Xx -Sas

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