A fun design I painted on a canvas bag. I am ready for my summer shopping! www.bysasdesigns.com #summervibes #straw #watermelon #staedtler #drawing #handlettering #lettering #design #bysasdesign #canvasbag
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Painting a canvas bag with fun summer vibes

Summer vibes

Does it already feel a bit like summer where you live? Or maybe you live on the other side of the globe and is winter about to arrive? Here summer is on the threshold and what a lovely feeling it is.  Summer seems to be such a magical season for so many people. They get happier, live more outside and seem to get healthier by the sun licking their skin. I however love how everything comes to life. The trees stand big and tall, the birds chirping away in the trees looking for their true love. Max the cat lays lazy on the stones and loving the warmth and the sun. The children go on safari trips in our backyard, finding bugs big and small and our vegetable garden starts to thrive thanks to all our hard work these past months.

Blank canvas bags

In a previous post I told you about how I had ordered blank canvas bags and now I got the last markers that I needed, dropped into my little mail box. Before receiving my bags, I have been thinking about what I wanted to put on them. What kind of design and for whom? With my brain turning its wheels like a race car flying down the tracks, I narrowed down my ideas and went online to see if I could find the colors that I wanted for my projects. For this special project, I wanted to make a design specifically for the summer. What is typical summer? Umbrellas, palm trees, hammocks, beaches and cocktails? For me a typical summer is all the yummy seasonal fruits filling the supermarkets! I love all those sweet, juicy berries, pineapples and melons in all the shapes and colors you can think of. Among many other things of course!

A beautiful thing is never perfect

Previously making the design, I have been sketching a bunch of water melons in my sketch book. I seriously believe that I have become an expert melon drawer by now! Then the melon was too round or to long or something else that I did not like (what do you mean being your own worst critic?) And then I thought of a quote that I once read somewhere on PinterestA beautiful thing is never perfect. With this quote in the back of my head, I made a final drawing and colored it in.

A pre drawing of the fun design I want to draw on the canvas bags. www.bysasdesigns.com #summervibes #straw #watermelon #staedtler #drawing #handlettering #lettering #design #bysasdesign #ecoline

I love how the font style turned out. This is something I was working on a few days and actually to be honest, this is the style I drew the first time… I also got the chance to try out my first Ecoline markers! What an awesome product! It is like coloring with watercolors in a marker. The ink is pretty wet too so if you want to try them out, do not use thin paper because you will destroy the paper, the marker and probably the table where you are working on! This drawing was good enough in my eyes to be drawn on my summer shopping bag!

Edding 4500 and 4600

The markers I used on the canvas bag are Edding markers. The thick point ones have number 4500 and the thin point 4600. The thick markers come in the standard colors while the thinner ones come in a wide variety of colors! Even neon if that’s your cup of tea! When coloring with the Edding markers, it felt like I was actually painting. It came out so nice and thick! However! Learning the hard way… Put a drawing paper (or anything that soaks up the overflow of ink) in the bag underneath your drawing area! Seeing how the bags are made of canvas, they are made out of twisted threads thus containing small holes… :p


Look how smooth the ink gets transferred to the canvas! (Can you spot the paper I put in the bag to soak up the ink? 🙂 )

A fun design I am painting on a canvas bag. I am almost ready for my summer shopping! www.bysasdesigns.com #summervibes #straw #watermelon #drawing #handlettering #lettering #design #bysasdesign #canvasbag


After a few hours of soothing coloring, the bag now looks like this! Doesn’t it look just awesome? (Sorry about the messy picture. I was way too excited about how awesome the bag looks to be thinking of the junk on the table.)

A fun design I painted on a canvas bag. I am ready for my summer shopping! www.bysasdesigns.com #summervibes #straw #watermelon #staedtler #drawing #handlettering #lettering #design #bysasdesign #canvasbag


And look how it looks on my private model! (Kind of looks huge on a 7 year old petite girl.) Don’t you just want to walk around town with such a happy bag on your shoulder?

A fun design I painted on a canvas bag. I am ready for my summer shopping! www.bysasdesigns.com #summervibes #straw #watermelon #staedtler #drawing #handlettering #lettering #design #bysasdesign #canvasbag


Xx – Sas

Ps: If you like this and want one of your own, throw me an email and I can make an awesome customized happy fun shopper just for you! I am really easy to work with so if you want something else, let me know!

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