In this review I take the Palomino Blackwing under the loop and I seek out why this pencil is so highly used by designers. Read about it further on #Blackwing #Palomino #pencil #mug #quote #lettering #botanicaldrawing #banner #putalinearoundanidea #awesomepencil #writeslikebutter
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Product Review; Palomino Blackwing

Palomino Blackwing

This pencil has been dazzling my mind for quite some time now. There are three sorts of it. A white one (Blackwing Pearl), a grey one (Blackwing 602) and a black one. This review will be about the Palomino Blackwing black.

Have you noticed how almost every designing course you have taken, every designer you follow on Instagram and on Pinterest use this pencil? My curiosity had been awakened! As the scientist I am, I had to try it out!

So on to google I went…

No import of Palomino Blackwing?

How does mean the pencil can not be exported to the Netherlands? Do they not know how big handlettering, lettering and typography is getting in the Netherlands? Such a shame. It almost makes me want to fly to America to off course have an AWESOME vacation but to also take with me one empty suitcase and fill them with these pencils. If I do not like them, I can always sell them right?

Google is your best friend

As the saying goes, Google is your best friend, again this phrase proved itself being true and I am absolutely determined. I shall have this pencil. I found one web shop here in the Netherlands actually selling the Palomino Blackwing! And that for the same price as! You can not believe how happy I got. I actually did a small victory dance which I will never (out of respect for your eyeballs and hopefully I will not lose you as reader) show it to you.

Anyways! I ordered the pencils. Then the waiting game started. Although it was only four days due to a weekend in between and the fact that this web shop did not have a track and trace, these four days felt like four weeks. Terrible to see how spoiled we have been getting by expecting next day service and not having any patience with waiting anymore!


Even though I am just starting out with this lettering business (and totally LOVING it), I have been drawing almost all my life. I have taken art classes throughout high school so I can tell the difference between an okay pencil and a great one. The pencils finally arrived and I opened the box. The smell of the box as I opened it was without exaggeration as if I came home to the woods. A particular wood smell combined with the old school pencil smell lingered in my nostrils. Can you smell my description? And the pencils, so black, so beautiful with its clever flat eraser on its end. Well, it sure has the looks! Now let’s see if it has the potential.

In this review, I take the Palomino Blackwing under the loop to see what the fuzz is all about! Read about it further on #Blackwing #Palomino #pencil #mug #winniethepooh #piglet #awesomepencil #writeslikebutter


 Trying it out

Off course I had to try it out immediately! You probably have noticed by now, I am not a very patient person. As I would like to put my character flaw, I am very excited of nature. I wrote a word on a piece of paper and it was literally as if I was writing in butter. The pencil danced by my hand over the paper. So light but still such strong lines. I could even make calligraphic letters with it! I mean I could do the thin upstroke and the thick down stroke. If you make a small mistake, the eraser is so well thought of, with its flattened backside. It makes erasing an error so precise you almost make mistakes with purpose. The awesome part is that Palomino has even thought about producing extra erasers for when you have erased it down to its chore.

In this review I take the Palomino Blackwing under the loop and I seek out why this pencil is so highly used by designers. Read about it further on #Blackwing #Palomino #pencil #mug #quote #lettering #botanicaldrawing #banner #putalinearoundanidea #awesomepencil #writeslikebutter



This pencil is in overall a very smart smooth pencil. It can draw thin lines as well as thicker ones. It draws like a dream and I totally understand designers using this particular pencil for their designing work. With its small flat eraser on the end it makes precise erasing of small mistakes a dream come true. I would highly recommend this pencil to all whom draws and designs! This pencil turned me into a Palomino Blackwing kind of girl.

Xx – Sas










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