Spencerian Penmanship. A review of how to improve your handwriting with Spencers Script. www.bysasdesigns.com #SpencerianScript #Spencerianhandwriting #handwriting #improvehandwriting #productreview #review #bookserie
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Book review: Spencerian Penmanship

A bit of a history lesson

A while ago I decided my handwriting needed an uplifting and stumbled upon Spencerian Penmanship. This is an technique made up by Platt Rogers Spencer in the mid 1800’s. It was used in American schools to teach children the art of handwriting.

Spencer had from an early age a love for graceful lines and beautiful writing and soon developed the Spencerian Script. He taught his system to his students whom he then sent out to teach at schools all over the United States. His system got implemented and was being taught for almost a century.

In the 1920’s the use of typewriters got introduced to the schools and the Spencerian Script hit a low key and with time has the script been replaced by many other systems. This is a shame because the Spencerian Script is one of the most beautiful scripts I have ever seen and this is the reason I wanted to try it out.

What is in the package?

I bought a package containing a theory book and five practice books.  The theory book shows the theory behind Spencers artwork (handwriting) and how to position yourself to get an accurate writing position. It also shows the idea behind the arm movements as well as how to hold the pen.  Although it is a lot of repetitive work in the practice books, after a few pages I can already tell that my handwriting is making improvements!

The first practice book is basically drills. Drills made up of support lines. You make these to get the feeling for the work you are doing. Also to create a memory of how to make the different shapes which with progress will turn into letters. As you advance in the books, the letters will turn into words and the support lines will disappear and VOILA! You are writing on your own with a beautiful and gracious handwriting.

Spencerian Penmanship. A review of how to improve your handwriting with Spencers Script .www.bysasdesigns.com #SpencerianScript #Spencerianhandwriting #handwriting #improvehandwriting #productreview #review #bookserie


If you are like me, trying to improve your handwriting, I do really recommend these books!

Happy writing!

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