Calligraphic self thought of quote. Allow yourself getting lulled into a summer haze #quote #summerhaze #summer #dippen #Brausesteno #summerdays #lazy

Lulled into a summer haze

Lulled into a summer haze.

These past few days, we have had a heatwave in the Netherlands and everything seems to go in slow motion. Today I took the train to get home from work and as I was sitting there looking out of the window, I came to realization that the summer is pretty awesome! It is warm (just stating the obvious here), people are happy and friendlier, more relaxed. Everything in nature is blooming. The cat lays lazy at my desk by my side when I am working at home and everything is just at peace.

So today I walked home and my path took me past some of the many notorious canals of the Netherlands. The tourist season has started and there were so many boats going back and forth. It was hot and people were just relaxing on deck talking low with each other. People biking by (no, I won’t mention the mills and tulips next) looking all peaceful and half smiling.

I started to reflect on last year, when I was slipping into my burn out and how I totally missed to see all this beauty! Just fretting about, stressing my mind off, not letting anything go and just stopping to enjoy the little things. So this year I made an promise to myself. To stop, feel and enjoy. Let myself get lulled into the summer haze.


For years and years I have loved pretty fonts and pretty handwriting. When I was in school, I had a friend who had such a beautiful handwriting. I do not know if maybe you can relate to my story, but no matter how hard I tried, I could never copy her handwriting. My fascination of fonts did not cease because of my failure  (what I did not know at the time) at counterfeiting her handwriting. I guess that’s a bit harsh calling it that way. It was after all a big learning moment! With the years I learned of Calligraphy. I never thought I would be able to learn this (seeing how my counterfeiting practice went a few years back…) but taking this turn in life, which you can read more about here, I thought I would give it a go!


And this, dear reader, was the realization I made, as the quote lover I am (as you must have noticed by now), that I actually thought of my own quote! Although I do admit that I wrote summer haze as one word and did not know at that time they’re actually two separate words until I wrote this post and my spell checker told me NAHA Sas! That’s wrong! Oops! Oh well, nothing in life is perfect right? But I am still pretty darn proud of what I got out of my fingers today so I am still going to post it!

Having just practiced a little bit with a book I just love, impatient Sas thought, ahhh I can totally do this! I was first reluctant at posting my trial but as I have promised you before, I will take you with me on my journey so then it is not more than fair that I also show the not so good results. But! It is there! And I know that with a bit more practice (probably a lot) I will get there!

My dream is to be able to make beautiful cards in Calligraphy. Learning the loops, the hoops and all that pretty fancy stuff that comes with a beautiful card.


Xx – Sas

Making a go at Calligraphy. There is more ink on my finger than on the paper! #quote #summerhaze #summer #dippen #Brausesteno #summerdays #lazyCalligraphic self thought of quote; allow yourself getting lulled into a summer haze #quote #summerhaze #summer #dippen #Brausesteno #summerdays #lazy








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  1. Yvonne Gundersen

    Oh, that looks awesome. Good job. Your walk was very beautiful described. Congrats

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