And welcome! How fun you found your way to my little humble blog! I hope I can fascinate you with what I have to offer and that you and I have the chance to maybe even exchange some ideas!

I am a mother of three children and one cat and engaged to the most wonderful man on earth. Lived in a bunch of different countries which I see as a blessing because of all the life experience I carry with me and due to all the different amazing people I have had the chance to meet but also as a curse because where are my roots? I have lived for a big part of my life in Sweden and also picked a bunch of years living in America and now I am situated in the Netherlands.

As occupation I work at a large company as a microbiologist. (It sounds a lot fancier than what it is! Trust me.) Recent years I have come to realisation that if I would be able to turn back time, I would have chosen a totally different schooling! I would have loved to have studied Web Design and Typography, but hey! You are never too old to learn something new! This is also a task that is very high on my bucketlist! I guess I am making my switch now, as dear Dr. Wayne Dyer would have said and now that I am experiencing my third burnout I thought by myself that it really is time to head in another direction and seek what I am passionate about!


Passionate… what a difficult word. What does that mean exactly? Looking up the word in the dictionary, it involved a lot of feelings and did not get me any smarter. In the context of making a blog, the word passion would mean having a big interest in something. Something that gives you joy, something that relaxes you and something that intrigues you.

So what is my passion? This is a question I have wandered around with for the last couple of weeks. What do I really enjoy doing? What gives me a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction? And the conclusion I have come up with is drawing. In any art form which I can think of. Doodling, making fonts, designing logos, drawing blue prints of houses, BulletJournaling (which you will see fly by here from time to time cause it is SUCH an awesome way to keep track of your life!!!), drawing quotes, making creative stuff (which you also will see coming by here) as well as designing tattoos!

A dear friend of mine asked me yesterday if I could design her next art piece which she wants to imprint on her body and I was so shocked that she has so much faith in my designing that she asked me to make something that she will carry with her the rest of her life! What an honour! You can read about that adventure HERE.


So apart from drawing and spending time with my dear children, I have so many other hobbies that I have to take them in, as my oldest daughter calls them, phases. I have recently finished one of many crochet blankets which came out so nicely! *So proud* I also love to cross stitch, read, i LOVE music and can not live without it, create my own baking recipes. To go into nature and take pictures or take personal pictures of my dear children. Am the very proud owner of a Canon D550 SLRD. Love keeping my brain busy with thinking out smart solutions for problems. For example, we are trying to set up a vegetable garden this year and it is A LOT of work! Much more than what I anticipated but it is so much fun with thinking of creative ways how to make it comfortable for all the little plants, which in the end will give us our food! So maybe I will show you a bit of how that goes… If anything survives! *Crosses fingers.*

I hope in the future getting so brave as to get in front of the camera so you get a chance to see who this crazy lady is with all her interests.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I hope you and I will speak very often and I hope you and I can learn from each other because there is so much to learn from the world! Seriously, are you ever fully taught? I do not think that is possible.

If you do not want to miss out on any of my future posts, please sign up for the emails. Hope to see you soon!

-xx- Sas

And now to hit the publish button….my heart just skipped a beat…